SWB bearings - Wrapped standard bearings

SWB Bearings

Our range of Standard Wrapped Bearings (SWB) are steel-backed and lined with sintered bronze. This range is extremely tough and versatile and available in metric and imperial sizes. SWB bearings are suitable for a wide range of general-purpose and heavy-duty applications and can be lubricated with either oil or grease.

Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

Structure Steel backing strip with a sintered bronze layer
PV (N/mm² x m/s) 2.8 max
Static load (N/mm²) 150 max
Sliding speed – With Oil (m/s) 10 max
Sliding speed – With Grease (m/s) 2.5 max
Operating temperature (°C) 250 max
(dependant on lubrication)
Coefficient of friction – With Oil 0.5 to 0.12
Coefficient of friction – With Grease 0.5 to 0.15
Sintered layer hardness (HB) 60-100

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