Our unparalleled range of bearings


Bowman International offers an unparalleled range of bearings and sintered parts for all applications across all industries. Whether you are working on a large, complex project that requires many bearings of different sizes or a smaller project with standard size bearings we have the right solution for you. We are able to quote in metric and imperial sizes and have the capability to produce special, one-off sizes especially for your specific project.

We have developed the Bowman Bearing Selector to assist you in your design process. This invaluable tool will help ensure correct bearing selection and optimise your product development.

BowMax™ Bearings

Long life, high strength self lubricative bearing

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Needle Rollers, Rollers and Precision Shafts

Bowman offers needle rollers in a range of sizes and materials, including high carbon chrome steel (52100) and stainless steel (316/304/400C)

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Oilite® Bearings

The original self-lubricating sintered bearings

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BowMet® Bronze Bearings

Heavy-duty ToughMet® spinodal bronze bearings

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WMU® PTFE Lined Bearings

WMU® range of of PTFE lined wrapped bearings

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WMX® Acetal Lined Bearings

WMX® range of acetal lined wrapped bearings

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Bowman Oilless® Bearings

Cast bronze bearings with solid graphite lubrication

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WMB® CuSn8 Bronze Bearings

CuSn8 bronze wrapped bearings

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SWB Bronze Lined Bearings

The original bronze lined wrapped bearings

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WM1® & WM3® Ball Bearings

WM1® / WM3® ranges of popular metric ball bearings

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WMG® Plastic Bearings

WMG® range of general purpose thermoplastic bearings

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TWP Acetal Washers

Acetal copolymer thrust washers

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Sintered Components

Bespoke sintered bearings and structural powdered metal components

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Flexible shaft couplings

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Other Products

Various ranges of miscellaneous products

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