Thermoplastische Gleitlager

WMG® Gleitlager

Our WMG range of plastic bearings can be used across a wide range of applications and industries.

These thermoplastic bearings are suitable for applications requiring high abrasion resistance in atmospheres where dust or other particles are a constant problem. Our WMG range has a very low level of dynamic friction and almost zero stick slip characteristics.

We can also offer bearings manufactured in many different types of plastic material to suit various applications and can be machined or moulded depending on quantities required. 

For fitting information, please refer to the Bearing Selector.

Aufbau PA66 Nylon faserverstärkt und mit PTFE-Zusätzen
PV – Trocken (N/mm² x m/s) max. 0.4
Statische Belastung (N/mm²) max. 80
Gleitgeschwindigkeit (m/s) max. 1.0
kurzzeitig zulässige Temperatur (°C) -70 bis +200
Einsatztemperatur (°C) -40 bis +150
Wärmeleitfähigkeit (W/mk) 0.2
Gleitreibungswert – Trocken 0.08 to 0.2
Härte (Rockwell) (HRR) min. 107
Härte (Shore D) min. 80
Zugfestigkeit (N/mm²) min. 60
Dichte (g/cm³) 1.46
Druckfestigkeit (N/mm²) min. 100
E-Modul (N/mm²) min. 1500
Static pressure of surface at 20 degrees (N/mm²) min. 100

WMG® zylindrische Gleitlager

Thermoplastische zylindrische Gleitlager

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